Introduction germany

I was born in 1940 in Moravia, Sumperk in the Sudetenland, now the Czech Republic. 1946 we had to leave our homeland and lA pictureanded in Friedberg - Hessen/Germany. In 1958 I moved with my parents in a tiny village in southern Hessen, called Schaafheim. I did an apprenticeship as a toolmaker, studied engineering and was working for 30 years as a chemical engineer. My work brought me to many countries in the world, the most impressive one for me were my trips to China. There I was in Shanghai, Beijing, the ancient imperial city of Nanjing and several times in Tianjin. It is not easy to find real friends in China on business, because the Chinese are somewhat reticent in business, but I have two friends found Wuxiping and Dongsheng. From China I have the pictured scroll painting "A long life for an ols man".

In 1972 I made my amateur radio license, Class C and Class B 1 year later. Also, I liked to ride motor bykes and had several BMW. This hobby started early, as you can see, my father was the instigator of this, he already was a fan of BMW back in 1935 and made long turns around Germany and Austria that days.

My xyl Monika was born in Silesia, about 200 km away from my birthplace in Leipe district Frankenstein in Opole. Also in 1946 she was expelled from the homeland and landed in the Sauerland/Germany. After training as a masseuse and medical pool attendant with a state examination, she was a few years in the spa town of Bad Nauheim-active in the rehabilitation of heart patients and had her own business after our marriage in Gross-Umstadt.

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Today we live in Gross-Umstadt in retirement and enjoy our freedom with short and long trips around our wonderful Germany and also have great joy doing our garden as you can see and like to sit there with our friends and have a cool German beer. Cool