Åland Islands


Where are the Åland Islands? In the Bottnic Bay between Stockholm in Sweden and Turku in Finnland
How many Islands are there? more than 6500, plus an unknown number of rocks, not counting as an island
To which country are they belonging? ?land belongs to Finland, but the language is swedish. But ?land is an autonome archipel with an own government, own car license plates, own postage stamps and many more things different than in Finland.
From what are people living there? Historically ?land was living from fishing, later from trading and seatransport services to Sweden, Russia, Germany and others. They had the biggest sailboat fleet all over the world.




Windmill small

A typical windmill on Åland. They were used for mechanical powering for water pumping, wood cutting and many other applications where mechanical power was needed.


OHØHAC shack in Överby. This is a loghouse, 10 km away from the town, close to the water. Fortunately it has electricity.